College Station mom shaves head for childhood cancer awareness, hopes to raise $100,000 for research |

As a new board member of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation – and the first from the Brazos Valley – and mother of a childhood cancer survivor, Cetina thought it was time to shave her head again, and set her fundraising goal through the end of the year. the year at $100,000.

So far, she’s pledged $22,000, but the full $100,000 would be about enough to fund a research grant from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Cetina chose Friday to shave her head as a way to celebrate her 50th birthday and to use September, which has been declared Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, to raise awareness.

Statistically, she said, one in five children die of cancer after their diagnosis. Cetina said doctors had told her about the treatment and that the research was so far advanced that if she had been diagnosed with the same cancer as her daughter at that age, Cetina would not have lived.

“The research has come a long way; it’s not like we’re not making progress, but we have a lot more to do,” she said. “It costs dollars to do it.”

Michele Franco, media and PR specialist for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, said the organization has awarded $310 million in research grants to institutions and nonprofits since 2005, making it the largest nongovernmental funder of childhood cancer research grants.

That money is raised through head shaves, like Cetina’s, and “do as you please” fundraisers, which can be other events, such as fun runs or bake sales. Franco said the people who help fund research grants are the support army behind families who have a child undergoing cancer treatment.

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