CMA’s Valley Subaru donates nearly $21,000 to local non-profit through Share the Love event

STAUNTON, Virginia (WHSV) – CMA’s Valley Subaru has raised money through their Share the Love event, where $ 250 is donated to charity for every car sold.

This year, the dealer was able to raise nearly $ 21,000 for Samuel’s Supper, a nonprofit that provides financial support to families with a child in a medical crisis.

“Any organization that helps children in our area is what our team and committee stand behind because there are so many great organizations that we decide to help those who help the children in our community,” Scott Simons, CMA Valley Dealerships GM and Managing Partner, said.

The organization’s chairman, Sherri Golladay, said this money will go a long way in helping their families at a time of much-needed support, which she learned firsthand when her son was diagnosed with cancer.

“We thought everything was going to be easy and good, and then all of a sudden after months of being sick and undergoing treatments, we really needed some help. We were blessed with community support, and as a thank you we wanted to give back to others, ”said Golladay.

She said the money will go straight to the family expenses.

“When a family’s car breaks down, we help them repair their car so that they can take their child to the hospital when needed or to their necessary appointments. Sometimes it helps families to pay their rent when mothers and fathers are in the hospital and they have to be with their child and not be able to be at work, ”said Golladay.

This is the greatest gift Samuel’s sacrament has ever received, and they said they were so grateful.

Across Virginia, CMA’s Subaru dealers managed to raise $ 49,000 for nonprofits.

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