Byron High School Soccer hosted game to support childhood cancer

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC)– The Byron Bears Soccer team supported their teammate’s younger brother during his cancer treatment, as well as other kids battling cancer.

The brother of Byron goalkeeper Ryan Anderson, Christian Bos, is seven years old and battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

He was diagnosed in 2018 and is being treated at the Mayo Clinic.

The Bears hosted the home game against Lourdes High School on Tuesday night. The player wore gold sweatbands and many of the fans also wore gold.

Before the match, Christian played an important role.

“I’m going to bring the ball to the middle,” he said.

Christian was happy to present the match ball for the game and stood next to his brother and the rest of the grid for the national anthem.

“It is completely heartwarming. Our football family, as we often call it, is here for the three years that Christian has undergone treatment. They have supported us. They have embraced him. They have done during this time,” says Martijn Bos, Christian’s father. .

Before the competition, the school’s student-run food truck called the B-Town Bistro served meals and is donating money for childhood cancer awareness.

Bos said his son recognizes how much people care about him

“He’s excited about the support and you can see the happiness on his face that this is all happening for him,” he said.

Ryan has a message for his brother for when he gets older. hopes his brother always knows that he is one of his biggest fans.

“I want him to learn that even though he faced this as a kid, nothing can hold him back when he gets to my age. He’s a football career, as he’s actually just starting to play now. So I’m excited for him,” Anderson said.

Christian still has 46 days of cancer treatment to go.

This weekend Bos will shave his head for Christian and other children battling cancer.

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