Bouncing baby Beau: Cedar Falls infant fighting rare cancer | Local News

Alex and Taylor Butler spend time with baby Beau in an Iowa City hospital and at home with their other kids, Xander, 6, and Jameson, 3.


CEDAR FALLS – A young family in Cedar Falls is reeling after receiving a life-altering diagnosis for their 6-month-old boy.

Alex and Taylor Butler were informed on May 8 that their only remaining triplet, Beau, has a rare form of cancer.

“My brother has described this as a nasty nightmare. He wants to get out of here over and over, and it’s real, ”said Jonathon, Alex’s brother.

Alex, 34, and Taylor, 29, spend time with Beau at Iowa City Children’s Hospital and at home with their other kids, Xander, 6, and Jameson, 3.

Six-month-old Beau Taylor has a rare form of cancer.


In January, Beau had thrush, which caused his parents to constantly look into his mouth. While checking to see if the thrush was gone, Taylor and Alex saw a lump the size of a dried pea beneath the surface of his tongue.

By the end of February, the bump had grown to the size of a marble. Beau was referred to ear, nose, and throat specialists in Iowa City, who began treating the bump as a hemangioma, a bright red birthmark.

But the bump continued to grow. After consultation with other doctors, the doctors decided to remove the mass on May 5.

Biopsy results shocked the family to the core. The mass was a tumor, later identified as spindle cell rhabdomyosarcoma, which meant there were more cancer cells in the baby’s body.

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