Blue Wiggle’s heartwarming act for fellow army veteran fighting terminal cancer

Beloved Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has pledged the royalties of his next album to the family of Brendan Nikolajew. Photo/Getty Images

The family of an Australian Army veteran with terminal cancer has been given a boost thanks to the heartwarming generosity of the Blue Wiggle.

Anthony Field has promised to donate the royalties from his new album “Lullabies with Love” to Leah, the wife of Brendan Nikolajew and their two children, Georgie and Roman.

Brendan Nikolajew, who fought for the country in Afghanistan as a gunner, has beaten testicular cancer three times.

But in November last year, the 29-year-old learned that the cancer was back and received a devastating terminal diagnosis from his doctor.

His oncologist told him the cancer had spread and he was given only six to 12 months to live.

Nikolajew, who lives in Brisbane, has also been diagnosed with pneumonia and is now receiving palliative home care.

Last week, he said he had only days to live but would continue to fight to beat the disease.

“I am fighting as hard as I can to beat pneumonia at home. We have the home palliative care team every day and that will be indefinitely. They have helped so much and it is much better than being in the hospital,” he posted on a GoFundMe statement. page.

“I want to win, I want to live and I’m going to give everything. I was given days to live and I now feel with all the support and confidence that I can win.”

It has now been revealed that Field, also an Army veteran and co-founder of the largest children’s entertainment group in the world, has given his support to the Nikolajews as Brendan fights to beat cancer.

Field has removed his name from every song from the new Wiggles album, which was released in early June, and replaced it with Nikolajew’s.

It means that all royalties for co-writing the album go directly to his wife and their children.

Field told Sense Music Media that the royalties would go to the family for a few years, and every so often they would receive some money from the release.

And if the Wiggles are nominated for an ARIA award this year, Field said Nikolajew’s kids would be coming.

“I’ve been traveling with him for several months now,” he told the publication.

“He’s one of those guys you talk to and he just brightens up your life even though he’s going through the worst you could go through.”

A GoFundMe for the family has raised more than $120,000 to help pay for treatment, medicine and living expenses.

Nikolajew was the family’s sole source of income, with Leah out of work while caring for their young children, and the couple received the heartbreaking terminal diagnosis just three days before moving into their home.

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