Big Slick KC benefits families affected by pediatric cancer

Kansas City, Mo. – Big Slick KC helps families fight childhood cancer.

Emily Omar is the mother of two-and-a-half-year-old Elaina, who has childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Doctors told the family that Elaina has a 30 percent chance of survival, but that didn’t stop them from finding the best treatment for Elaina — called CAR T-cell therapy, where CAR stands for Chimeric Antigen Receptor.

“CAR T-cell therapy is when they take out the patient’s T cells and then send them in,” Omar explained. “They turn the T cells into cancer-fighting cells, which takes about a month. After a month, they put the T cells back into the child’s body and it fights the cancer cells. We leave this for about four weeks before we start testing whether she is in remission or not. Elaina has received CAR T cell therapy twice.”

Elaina is the first baby at Children’s Mercy Hospital and one of the youngest in the country to receive the advanced therapy.

Omar said she has been in remission for 16 months maanden

Those kinds of treatments are possible thanks to donors and fundraisers, such as Big Slick KC.

The Kansas City fundraiser was started by five local celebrities — Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Robb Riggle, Jason Sudeikis and Eric Stonestreet — to raise money to end childhood cancer and advance pediatrics.

Due to COVID-19, their annual fundraiser is virtual again this year. The event is called ‘The Big Slick Virtually Talented Show’.

In a press release, Big Slick KC announced that the five celebrities and 30 other famous faces will be posting an “hour-long, all-original production.”

You can watch the event Saturday at 7:30 PM on their Facebook page, YouTube channel and website.

The fundraiser has raised more than $12 million since its inception.

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