AIIMS to train nursing staff in pediatrics care to improve preparations for 3rd COVID wave

The All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Delhi has decided to train all nurses in pediatric care to prepare them for the third wave of COVID. The top hospital’s decision comes amid the battle against the second wave of COVID, with widespread preparations being made to keep everything in order in advance to combat the speculated third wave.

The top institute has organized a three-day training program to train all its nurses to provide COVID-related care and treatment to children. Amid the battle against the second wave of COVID, certain experts have predicted that children will become heavily infected with the virus during the third wave of the pandemic. The hospital’s pediatric department, together with the AIIMS Delhi College of Nursing, took charge of the organization of the seminar.

The training will be delivered in three-day batches to all nurses in COVID-19 departments starting July 12.

The measure reflects the government’s preparation for the third wave of COVID, which seems inevitable given the increasing cases across the country, along with the complacency of the public as standards are relaxed in all states. A significant number of children under the age of 18 and many young adults have contracted the virus in large numbers during the second wave of COVID. Reports of post-COVID complications in several children, such as MISC (Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children) also emerged. Nursing staff were taught to be vigilant for such diseases in children.

While there is currently no scientifically substantiated study praising that the third wave will directly affect children, a study by WHO and AIIMS a few weeks earlier found that seroprevalence was 55.7% in the 18 years below. and 63.5% in the 18+ age group.

A Lancet India Task Force had also previously commissioned an advisory, highlighting planning, protocol and policy guidelines for pediatricians ahead of a likely third wave of COVID. In addition, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics ICU team is also training pediatricians across the country to deal with the third wave.

PM Modi sounds alert to COVID third wave

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi, during a meeting with the chief ministers of the northeastern states, claimed that the common man must be vigilant and keep his guard up to keep the third wave of coronavirus at bay. He stressed: “Don’t wait for the third wave, but try to avert it”, and asked the common man to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

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