9-year-old Ames boy honored as Kid Captain for Cy-Hawk 2021

During his treatment for Burkitt’s lymphoma, Gerald Terry raised more than $12,000 for the Child Life team at Blank Children’s Hospital.

AMES, Iowa – Gerald Terry didn’t know what the word “cancer” meant when he was diagnosed. At the time, he was too busy playing lego, fishing and sports.

Then, in June 2020, the 7-year-old suddenly had a golf ball-sized tumor in his throat. His mother, Jennifer Shane, said it took everyone by surprise.

“He had this weird feeling in his neck, and it was like a big lump that had suddenly formed in his neck,” Shane said. “We looked at that and then we looked down his throat and one of his tonsils was about the size of a golf ball.”

The family acted quickly and visited their primary care physician and then Blank Children’s Hospital. There Gerald Burkitt’s lymphoma was diagnosed, an aggressive form of cancer in which the tumor can double in size within 24-48 hours.

“When we first found out, there wasn’t time to really process it all,” Shane says. “When you hear ‘cancer’ and your child’s name in the same sentence, it hits you hard. The kind of cancer Gerald had, we didn’t have time to react.’

The 7-year-old immediately started treatment with Blank.

Shane says Gerald would be in the hospital for a week, go home for a few weeks, and then go back. According to Shane, chemotherapy treatment ranged from thirty minutes to 24/7. During that time, Gerald began to drive around the hospital in circles.

“My doctor also said, if you walk, you get the chemo out of your body faster,” Gerald said.

Then his aunt had an idea. What if with every lap he made through the hospital, he was raising money for his healthcare team? The boy from Ames took over the idea and called it “Rounds with Gerald.”

“I set my goal at $300, and I got a lot more than that,” Gerald said.

The now 9-year-old has raised his goal more than 40 times: a total of $12,380 for Blank Children’s Hospital’s Child Life team.

Gerard’s story

Did you see Gerald’s story on WHO 13 News last week? Gerald circles Blank Children’s Hospital while being treated and now Laps with Gerald is approaching the $10,000 mark! Watch this video to learn more about Gerald and the Child Life team at Blank Children’s Hospital. If you would like to donate to Gerald, click here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lapswithgerald

Posted by Blank Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The feat made it easy for Shane to write a nomination for her son to become a Cyclone Football Kid Captain.

“[He] never back,” said Shane. “He was ready to go.”

This Saturday, Gerald is excited to meet the Cyclone football team as the Cy-Hawk Game Kid Captain.

“I see my friends at the football game,” he said.

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If you would like to support Child Life in Blank Children’s Hospital, click here.

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