375 active pediatric COVID cases in region

The Arkansas Department of Health had not updated its COVID-19 dashboard with state and county-level data on the number of cases, active cases, recoveries, deaths and tests conducted by press time on Thursday.

However, the ADH has expanded its dashboard to include information on pediatric COVID-19 cases at both the state and regional levels. Since the start of the pandemic, 76,678 cases of COVID-19 have been identified in children from infants to 18 years of age, including 6,016 cases that were active on Thursday. Of those, 726 were hospitalized and 99 were admitted to an intensive care unit.

In the Southwest hospital region of the state, which is home to Union County, 6,442 COVID-19 cases had been identified in children, including 375 who were active Thursday.

Some state and local COVID-19 data points were available by press time on Thursday.

Union County

23,135 vaccine doses administered (+139)

31.9% counts population fully immunized

Region Southwest Hospital

224 hospitalized; 82 on ICs; 55 on fan support


443,564 cases (+2,318)

23,575 active cases (-12)

6,806 dead (+32)

1,368 hospitalized; 534 on ICs; 354 on fan support

2,647,706 vaccine doses administered (+31,544)

1,190,394 Arkansans fully immunized (+11,919)

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Union County

Cases: 653

Active cases: 69

Deaths: 20


Cases: 58,023

Active cases: 5.390

Deaths: 732

Hospital admissions: 435

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