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Hardly someone from you will disagree that the mood is a background of our life. And if it is a bad background, the whole day will be absolutely unsuccessfully. To list variety of shades of our mood it is impossible, but there is an infinite number of ways to raise it, to improve, send to a positive side. We offer you only one of the simplest - wallpaper for a desktop.

Almost each of us begins the day with turning on of the computer, smartphone or any other gadgets. Our monitor is a window, for which whole world, diverse and comprehensive. Beautiful wallpapers on a desktop which meet you in the morning, see off in the evening, cling your look during the day, and are capable to present mass of positive emotions. Wallpaper for a desktop is similar to pictures in the house: they bear not only esthetic function, but also are useful. Thanks to the chosen wallpapers you can remind yourselves of the future holiday, draw attention of colleagues, the main thing - to plunge into the positive atmosphere of a beautiful look «behind a window».

On our site you will find more thousand the brightest, interesting, unusual wallpapers on a desktop. Each of them can please, carry away, set thinking or cast you memoirs, after all wallpaper for a desktop - are cheerful pictures with heroes of favourite animated films, the pictures jokes forcing over and over again to smile and give pleasure to colleagues, casually glanced in your monitor.

Any your interest, whether it be time hobby or constant hobby, it is possible to express with the picture on a desktop. So admirers of an anime will gather the whole album of cartoon characters, and fans «Formula 1», will make the collection of favourite cars in excellent quality. The most known actors, the most beautiful models, terrestrial goddesses and heavenly creations, princes on white limousines and simply charming guys - any type of this images you will find on our site and set as picture on your desktop.

We want that wallpaper on your desktop changes as color in a kaleidoscope. After all there is nothing better, than to create to itself mood, and occasions for this purpose there can be a great variety.